B day reflections!

So many things in my mind. Another year just gone, another one that comes! I’m an 80`s BaBY! Electro blood and syn-the-sizeeeer. More places add into the map, more rhymes, more love more pain and joy! Fascinating, exhaustin’, rythmm. And the next one comming?

More wine and roses and movies in a couch at nights of pleauser of ropes and knobs between hallways and Kitchens. I love the sound of her bed when we surrended to the rythmm. That was poetry, was for shure. ‘cause wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. Those sounds, those bodys more than words. Oh god that Parisian bright nite. And the Seine and a new friend and people hanging from windows. And the whole world was there and I was there And I saw and lived the experience. that may not be it, just living it, may be something else. This is not my time to complain or regret, I got no space for regrets, it’s imposible to have them When U turned as i did. ANd some of u guys and girls don’t know shit about how’s this ball turning. Is not that I know much better but I’ve seen many reactions to the facts of life. Another year comes by, let me be romantic, with another spring, summer autumm and winter. Yes, Like the name of that buddhist movie.

FOr the next i’ll allways trust the Gods, Life and the random self.

LEt me include a recomendatione :



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