He kneeled in front of me and shouted: sensei!. It was not the first time someone ever called me that so I wasn’t surprised or anything. I took it  as a joke but it was a praise none the less. His big smile made me feel confortable and I patted him on the right shoulder and told him to rise. We started to laugh.

The streets gathered cold around me. The beat on my headphones was pushing my walk into unknown paths, the scent of youth all over me, printed in my clothes.  People looked at me and smiled even if they couldn’t tell why brought that reaction to their souls, they just reacted to what they were seeing and that was a happy man.  In a wink I could had made all of them to praise my moto: “c’est posible” wich I had tattoed in my left forearm. I wasn’t thirsty anymore and my drunk days seemed far away. I have shaked them off  in a one month reclusion of films, books and no social life. Now it felt as if I was just openin’ the door to the new life I longed for. “C’est posible”. I haven’t had anything to eat for a day but just then I realized I was hungry. I got into a boulangerie, a red haired pirced female face turned to me and when I broke her chain of thoughts with my glowing face she smiled and asked what do I wanted. I knew what I wanted but that was neither the time or the place to pull it. I ordered a crudités et jambon sandwich and a pain au chocolat. When I payed I accidentaly touched her fingers. She blushed badly and slightly looked down. I just smiled and said goodbye, a bientôt. She looked back up to me and a bientôted me too.  There was a costumer that just got in after me and he looked at us dazzled. He knew somehting was going on but couldn’t tell what. I left the shop and took my food to the nearby Jardin de Luxemburg. It was drizzling.

Diamonds. Coded signs. He taught me about that and now he was kneeling in front of me. The same dude that not long ago was a completly strange, the same that gave me that book that I first regarded merciless and seemed futile to my thought evoluted mind. He instructed me one day in the same bar we had met how to look for a woman diamond. He pointed to me the triangle, the secret spot where this joyfull surprised could be found. He who, as me, was uterly born in the dessert. A woman walked in fast pace in front of me and turned the next corner. I saw her diamond and I slapped my hand into my forehead. AICH!! I smiled. Damm that was funny! The song in the space between my ears changed directed from the Mp3 player and I started listenig to one of my favourite songs ever: “Final Home”. As I keeped walking,  showing my even bigger smile to everybody who dared to look, the catchy pharse that sticked to me since the first time I listened carefully to the song was starting to show up and, without any other advise than memory of good songs we love here was it, strong, meaningfull, pulling me to a reality that seemed preciser as time was growing me old.

“ I Could give you the most delicious kisses on your face / You see I need you to be / addcited to me /  I’m calm now…”

Fuck yeah she just made her lifetime recording there!  So good: “ You see I NEED YOU to BE / ADDICTED TO ME” And then she just wrapped it up wiht this “I’m Calm now…” Oh yeah this was so rawly honest! Make me wanna laugh!  People looked at me but I singed along for the world to hear. Looked up and let the tinny rain drops wet my face. I keeped walking and reached the Jardins, sat in a wooden bench and started to eat. Life showed wonderfull and I was nobody, person, to argue it. Not that day, not after that night or the weeks before it. The game was treating me good and I was in no position to be unthankfull so what I did right there was to postrate myself. I left the food aside, kneeled on my right knee, closed my eyes and thanked the universe for being kind.

I passed the whole lunch smiling, my clothes half wet,  and when a raven cried and flight out I did the same and tooked off.

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