COn camiseta imperio (drem)

Dreams I dream. I’m death now, gone!
Oh yes, don’t be surprised.
Get this and that, get all.
THe inspiration that comes and
take the wings of
dreames I dreamed.

I was In heaven, there, didn’t wanted to be asleep.
Oh yes, my dick it’s getting big
and my balls hang lower.
Who cares? yes, this mess
it’s coming out of pure
rage the stress.

No ages into places.
Names and faces, get this!
Words I speak and tell
the story that has never been told.
You play ball, liek Messi or Gasol.

We are not rich and will never be.
Not enoguh money to buy
words combined.
pas the comb and the hat,
get that change.
Beat.Beat Psico. Heart home.
One blood.

Those dreams i dreamed,
hiddin in my helmet
like a bootball warrior.
Fake radio make
no sense cause
we play that game.

School new from the old
basics. Cartoons like TOm & Jerry.
Rythm going crazy, simply
like jazz solos on the highway.
THey say it’s ok.

Those dreams.
and games.
ans fights
we go

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